Distribution Line Earthing Kits

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The major components consist of line end clamps, phase leads made from aluminum aluex or copper conductors,
pole mounted cluster bar and terminal plates, down leads, earth rods and earth end clamps. These are tied to a conductor
using operating poles and operating sockets, all of which can be held in a range of carry bags for ease of transportation.

Operating Poles

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Normally supplied in a standard 1,220mm (4ft) length, however other lengths such as 2,440mm can be provided. The sections are
interconnected with precision manufactured snap action joints, in order to make up a longer lengthoperating pole, if required.
A range of top section poles is available to ensure that any commercially available operating head, socket or accessory can be
accommodated. These are secured using plungers, split pins, or rivets.A number of intermediate poles can be selected to make up
longer length poles. The precision snap action joints and tight tolerances minimise exure of the pole assembly.The lower pole can
be supplied with a non-slip grip to provide a guaranteed grip and a rain shield can also be tied to keep this section dry. Plugs
or bungscan be tied to the bottom of the pole to prevent the ingress of mud and dirt. A swivel eye can also be fitted to an end plug
where the linesman can attach a lanyard if preferred.
Product Benefits:
> Lightweight
> Precision machined for rigidity and joint accuracy
> High electrical insulation
> Comprehensive range ensures compatibility with alternative equipment

Operating Sockets

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OL1 Operating Socket is suitable for the attachment of a line end clamp with a long taper op screw to a P&B style operating pole.
Sprung loaded.

Product Benefits:
> Lighweight Alloy
> Rugged construction
> Excellent anti-corrosive properties
> Adaptors available to convert operating poles types/fitting
> Precision machined

Earth Leads

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Earth leads are produced from multi-stranded, commercially pure aluminium with an extruded PVC sheath, either in clear or
opaque ‘arctic’ orange grade to protect the cable from damage.Flexible aluminium earth leads with approved compression
terminations and support sleeves are used for interconnecting conductor clamps and to various earth points. The standard
nominal cross section is of 50,70, 95, 120 or 150 sq.mm and is recommended according to the fault level of the system. Leads
are also available in blue or and green colored PVC sheaths. Other colours available on request.

Product Benefits:
> High visibility
> Less expensive than copper
> Light and flexible
> Less vulnerable to copper theft
> Available in any lengths on request

Line End Clamps S9B

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The S9B is designed to hook onto the conductor to become selfsupporting whilst the operating screw is tightened or loosened.
S9B is available with a short, tapered ring type or ISO syle operating screw and is suitable for a conductor range between
6.3mm and 38mm diameter.

Product Benefits:
> Tested to 17.5kA for 2 seconds (25kA/1s)
> Solid construction for extended service
> Proven service record used by ESI for over 40 years
> Light weight and good corrosion resistance

Cross Arm Clamp

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Manufactured from a lightweight aluminum alloy, they have a stainless steel operating screw fitted with a hardened steel tip
to penetrate painted and non-conductive surfaces, to ensure a low resistance earth connection.All clamps are designed with an
ultimate strength well in excess of normal working loads and are type tested at normal loading before being approved for production.
The construction of all equipment is of a robust nature and will withstand a reasonable amount of rough handling.

Product Benefits:
> Lightweight
> Good corrosion resistance
> Solid construction for extended years

Earth End Clamps

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The S9A Earth End Clamp (sometimes referred to as grounding clamp) is of a robust nature and will withstand a reasonable
amount of rough handling. When manually applying and removing these clamps from pressure by a person of normal strength
is necessary to achieve good contact and tightness.It is suitable for application to clean, aluminum or copper bar 12.7mm
thick or 6.4 to 20mm round conductor or earth rod.The S9A is also available with short or long insulated handles, hand applied
cross pins, ring or tapered style operating screws.

Product Benefits:
> Tested to 17.5kA for 3 seconds (25kA/1s)
> Solid construction to give extended service
> Proven service record used by ESI for over 40 years
> Light weight and good corrosion resistance
> No plated components

Cluster Bars

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The cluster bar is an attachement bolted to the centre of 3 conductor clamps and facilitates the parking of the other two
conductor clamps with interconnecting leads, whilst the assembly is fitted or removed from the distribution line. Type EFD-16748
is also suitable for cross arm clamp.

Product Benefits:
> Solid construction for long years’ service
> Proven service record, used by the ESI for over 40 years
> Used world wide
> No plated components

Terminal Plates

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As an alternative to the cluster bar a terminal plate can be specified. There are several types of terminal plates available for
mounting on to the operating pole.

PVC Carrying Bags

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Robust fabric reinforced pvc carrying bags can be supplied for the storage and handling of Distribution Line earthing kits.
These will provide protection of the equipment during transit as well as easy transportation in the field and keeps the earthing
equipment clean and dry.Quick release buckles or straps with Velcro fixings are supplied on the bags which also come with a
black webbing shoulder strap

Product Benefits:
> Reinforced material
> Easy storage
> Quick release opening
> Carrying strap
> Different colours and sizes available

Voltage Detectors

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The Westminster WD6B/D3A Voltage Detector unit is capacitive type audible and visual detector deigned for outdoor use in
conjunction with the live line operating poles.The detector should be tested before an operation. It is also
possible to verify the detector using a separate proving unit, type MD, which can be ordered separately.

Product Benefits:
> Visible and audible detection
> Suitable for fitting to standard Operating pole Sections
> Test facility
> Battery operated
> Rugged construction
> Available for 5-12kV, 10-36kV and 50-140kV

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