Operating Poles

Operating poles are manufactured from a lightweight resin-impregnated, electrical insulation grade fibre glass.
Normally supplied in a standard 1220mm (4ft) length. The sections are interconnected with precision manufactured
snap action joints. A range of top section poles are available to ensure that any commercially available operating
head, socket or accessory can be accommodated. A number of intermediate poles can be selected to make up longer
lenght poles. The precision snap action joints and tight tolerances minimise flexure of the pole assembly. The Lower
pole can be supplied with non-slip grip to provide a guaranteed grip and rain shield can also be fitted to keep this
section dry. Plugs and bungs can be fitted to the bottom of the pole prevent the ingress of mud and dirt.

Product Benefits:
> Lightweight
> Precision machine for rigidity
> High electrical resistance
> Comprehensive range ensures compatibility with alternative equipment